Hi, this is Sami!

Since when I was a kid, I have always liked to have my pictures taken. I would often stay close to the photographer in events such as birthdays and weddings to spot an opportunity to be in the picture. Not creepy at all. Well, I was just a kid that loved to be in pictures. Lol. 

My first camera was a film one, which made me spend a good amount of money paying to process the film roll to find out that most of the images didn’t turn out great. That didn’t stop me from trying, though. 

I got my first semi-professional camera while living in Virginia in 2014. Still, my intention was to only take pictures as a hobby and not become a photographer until…

I went to the Fourth of July in Washington DC that year, and later I posted some of the pictures that I took on my Instagram. To my surprise, I received a message from PBS asking to use the image in a National Geographic documentary. When the documentary aired in 2015, I was glued to the screen, anxious to see my picture. They used it by the end of the documentary, and the delay in seeing it in there made me wonder if they had actually used it. When the show was almost finishing, I saw it. I SAW IT! It was my own very work at a National Geographic documentary. 


It was my own very work at a National Geographic documentary. 

That made me think that if National Geographic thought my pictures were good, I should consider taking them more seriously.

I took several classes until I felt good enough to call myself a photographer. My passion for learning makes me constantly looking for more education to improve my skills in photography and other things that I have an interest in. I have also received a degree in Graphic Design in Brazil and Communications from BYU in Provo/UT. My goal in life is to be a renaissance person that’s well-rounded in many subjects. 

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I’m a nature lover. I love flowers, the lake, and the mountains. I get excited about traveling and learning from people. I don’t believe in “one size fits all.” I believe in diversity of choices, stories, background, body types, skin colors, and much more.

I can’t wait to meet you and capture your life.

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